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Condominiums in Chiang Mai

Thinking about buying or renting a condominium, or just interested to know what’s out there? With information about the popular condo buildings in and around Chiang Mai and detailed overviews of many buildings, you can find out what would make different buildings and areas appealing (or not, as the case may be) for you. Plenty of images show you exactly what you expect, providing visual backup to the informative text. Your one stop shop for all things condominium related, don’t miss this specialist section if condos are your main area of property interest.

You can also read about the few condominium blocks that have already reached their maximum quotas for foreign ownership, this helping you to narrow your search a bit and prevent you from heading off down any dead ends. And, if you were curious to know where Chiang Mai’s largest swimming pool can be found, you’ll find the answer here!