Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and answers about renting property in Chiang Mai


question_iconHow much do you charge if a property is rented or brought through you?
There is no charge. If you buy or rent through Perfect Homes all costs are agreed with the property owner before a listing is made.

question_iconDo I need a particular visa if I would like to rent an apartment (condo) or a house here in Chiang Mai?
To rent an apartment or a house here in Chiang Mai there are no special visa requirements. But obviously you should plan you visa carefully in connection to the length of your planned stay here in Thailand and Chiang Mai

question_iconIs the rental contract in Thai or English?
The rental contract between you and Lessor of the apartment or house is normally in English but you can request for it in Thai if you wish. (Perfect Homes is sorry but currently we are unable to offer contracts in any other language)

question_iconCan I rent an apartment (condo) or a house in Chiang Mai under my own name or does it have to be a Thai person’s name?
Renting is not the same as buying in Thailand you may legally rent an apartment or house in your own name?

question_iconWhat is the minimum time period for rental contracts for properties in Chiang Mai?
Rental contracts for houses or apartments are generally one year, but there are many short term (nightly, monthly, etc) contracts available, too. These will be listed as so or if you have a particular property or apartment you are interested in please don’t hesitate to ask about shorter contracts.

question_iconWhen renting an apartment or house in Chiang Mai are there any additional bills to pay?
When renting an apartment or a house you are normally expected to pay all the utility bills (telephone, electricity, water, etc.) in addition to your monthly rent. Unless stated otherwise in the contract.

question_iconDo I get a telephone line when renting a property in Chiang Mai?
Generally telephones are provided with apartments and houses and again you are expected to pay all telephone bills.

question_iconDo I get internet if I rent in Chiang Mai?
Internet is widely available all around Chiang Mai but to be safe please confirm before signing any contracts if home internet connection is essential to you ( also remember internet cafes are easily available all round Chiang Mai

question_iconDo I get a cleaner for my rented apartment or house?
In serviced apartments a cleaner is usually available through reception as often as you wish for an additional cost. If renting a house you will need to find your own maid and agree on payment terms and times. A good way to find a maid is to ask friend or around the village that you are renting in.

question_iconCan I keep pets in my rented accommodation in Chiang Mai?
The rules on keeping pets varies from landlord to landlord some allow pets some do not, so please check before signing any contracts.

question_iconWho do I pay the rent to once the rental agreement has been signed?
Once a contract has been signed all rental payments for the apartment or house go direct to the Landlord.

question_iconDo I have to pay the rent in cash or pay by cheque, or credit card?
All Landlords have different payment systems as to how to pay the rent, but the majority prefer the payments to go directly in to their bank accounts.

question_iconWho is responsible for the maintenance of the apartment (condo)/ house in Chiang Mai?
You will be expect to keep the house well maintained and to fix any issues caused by yourself.

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