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Living in Chiang Mai

Whether you are thinking about starting a new life in Chiang Mai, have recently moved to the area, or you are an established resident with a burning question that you just can’t seem to find answers to, this section has lots of useful information aimed at make living in Chiang Mai easier.

Practical information covers an array of topics, such as how much your utility bills might cost, finding a plumber, healthcare, contacting the police, hiring a vehicle, local transportation, international schools, and finding work. There are also great posts dedicated to the social and leisure aspects of living in Chiang Mai, including how to meet people, groups for expats, where to take the kids, and Thai language courses, through to more specialist interest articles including cookery classes, massage courses, and being a vegetarian.

There are also some personal accounts where you can read about real situations experienced by people living in Chiang Mai. Some might make you laugh and some might make you cringe, but all will give you a good understanding of life in the northern Thai city.

Make sure you also scroll to the comments section of any post you read; very often there is some very handy supplementary information and opinions submitted by other users – regular citizens of Chiang Mai, just like you!

The articles in this section are a terrific resource for anyone interested in moving to, or already living in, Chiang Mai.